About Us



Delivering expertly crafted skincare products designed to meet the demands of the modern man.Edmund & Co. is a veteran-owned business, located in Chicago, Illinois and was created to offer a sophisticated skincare subscription box to men throughout the United States. Our high performance and innovative formulas have been developed to meet the demands of the modern man. Our products are designed to appeal to your individual needs and we have built a company that offers an inclusive skincare product line that restores, fuels, invigorates, and promotes healthy skin.

At Edmund & Co. Grooming Parlor, we believe in delivering expertly crafted products with the skin and lifestyle needs of men in mind. Our products are constructed for the well-groomed to the most rugged man.

Our superior hair and body wash, body lotion, shaving creams, facial cleansers, and moisturizers are raising the standard in skincare for men. Because healthy skin requires fuel, our skincare products perfectly blend organic ingredients and science to deliver the fuel to the skin that drives visible results.

At Edmund & Co., we recognize that the modern man of today is busy juggling hectic schedules, responsibilities and a never-ending list of things to do. Created with you in mind, our skincare can seamlessly be integrated into the lifestyle of every man. Reap the benefits of healthy skin.